• 10+ years of industry experience, specifically for money markets or fixed income
  • Series 7 required


  • Excellent understanding of the financial markets
  • Demonstrated ability to position asset management products
  • Proven leadership abilities
  • Exceptional presentation skills
  • Ability to manage multi-faceted projects
  • Excellent networking skills

Value You Deliver

  • Oversee the Premier Cash group, acting as a liaison between institutional clients, sales teams and the MMK trading desks. This is a critical function as PCG works alongside the PM team to ensure that a fund’s objectives and strategy is not disrupted while clients’ cash needs are met. This information helps to set appropriate liquidity levels which assists in delivering the highest level of performance possible. This objective is vital to Fidelity as a whole.
  • Must possess knowledge of monitoring strategies and skills on trading platforms to direct all PCG members in an effort to dramatically reduce errors and omissions by clients and client services reps. This will ensure that these costs are as low as possible while keeping client satisfaction at the highest level.
  • Responsible for collecting detailed information to ensure that Fidelity is maintaining the proper data to support the Sec’s requirement that money market mutual funds must have policies and procedures in place to meet the “Know your Customer” rule which became part of Rule 2a-7 during the last set of changes.
  • Work diligently to accommodate as many client transactions as possible. Partner with FIAM to disseminate information about clients, their trading patterns and expectations for the timeframe for each large transaction by fund. Large and mega large trades must be negotiated with the appropriate PM to gain approval for purchase.
  • Obtaining approval aids the FILMS channel in ensuring that they hit their targeted sales and market share goals for the year as well as achieving the highest level of client satisfaction.
  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships with key external and internal partners across the firm.
  • Possess the ability to discuss and debate challenging topics and situations with key folks in accounting, asset management, treasurer’s office, legal, compliance and FMR product in order to determine the most appropriate solution for all parties responsible for the overall FILMS relationship. A high level of trust among the PCG and trading desks is critical as tensions run high especially during negotiations for large an mega sized transactions.
  • Manage a team of PCG cash analysts who provide diligent monitoring of trades entered in the system vs. outstanding warning calls with a zero tolerance for error; coordinates trades for other channels across the complex for the institutional MMFs; provides the PMs and traders with an abundance of client information such as top holders by fund, largest clients within each intermediary; reporting of volume and trade sizes; understand all portal relationships and keep track of what clients trade on each one.
  • Must be able to answer extremely detailed questions on any topic which may include the current market environment, Fed expectations, changes in tax or accounting laws, portfolio holdings, ratings, country breakdown, and competitive products. These may come from sales teams both internal and external, other channels, client services or clients calling in directly or through client services and portals.
  • Develop analytics to address strategic initiatives, marketplace, internal or other necessary analyses and present proposals for product changes or new product concepts. Provide educational materials to sales teams and clients prior to completing product implementations.
  • Provide extensive written memos supporting certain key initiatives with critical business impacts to FILMS. This effort is imperative to ensure that the President of FAM and FIAM are knowledgeable about the impacts to our channel. We have used this approach to reverse decisions that negatively impacted FILMS.
  • Determine pertinent changes needed pertaining to data policy and push prioritization. Articulated and prioritized within the AFC web group to allow for any changes needed on our site.
  • Develop content and conduct bi-weekly meetings with IPMs, traders and PMs to discuss fund strategy, trading forecasting, performance, market share, client feedback and general market overview.
  • Provide monthly and quarterly updates to the rating agencies on largest shareholder positions in each fund. Attend annual due diligence meetings covering key topics of interest for Moody’s and S&P.
  • Provide expertise on MMFs and Ultra-short bond funds helping to educate and update both external and internal sales teams, clients, client services and the trading desks. Share insights, market analysis and observations, client feedback and daily comments as needed due to negative headlines.
  • Handle all operational issues that may arise from any market disruptions. Participate in discussions with Nancy
  • Prior and other FIAM associates when market turmoil may impact the channel, the funds and our clients. Participate in internal meetings as key decisions are being made in order to articulate the business impacts to FILMS.
  • Participate in the SMA/LGIP process which encompasses the initial discussion of the opportunity with FILMS sales team members, coordination with FIAM, RFP review and edits as a secondary partner, implementation and then ongoing support as needed. Will also coordinate pricing schedules with IPMs and present opportunity at all pre-BAC and BAC calls to obtain approval.
  • Manage additional direct reports within the home support team, which includes folks in Smithfield, RI. Currently, this includes both technology and client management support.
  • Work closely to develop key messaging and content for all speaking engagements and industry/client presentations, help develop content for client due diligence meetings or conference calls, share client feedback as often as possible.
  • Provide training as needed for new FILMS personnel, inside sales, client services, portfolio managers and traders.
  • Aid FILMS management team on the financial aspects for projects and ongoing business planning ensuring that the financials are developed with appropriate assumptions. Share the flows forecast for the industry and the channel for 5 years business planning. Adjust the forecast annually as well as quarterly based on market conditions.
  • Participate in RFP process to help determine what opportunities are most appropriate for FILMS. Advocate for meaningful business with other internal partners such as legal, fund accounting, operations, finance and FAM.
  • Coordinate new products or initiatives on existing products with the marketing department to ensure appropriate messaging to clients and support key business initiatives and/or sales efforts; provide written monthly updates for
  • FIMM and CIB funds for sales teams and provide input and content for quarterly Insight and Outlook TLs and any FAQs memos, press releases, ICI memos etc.
  • Manage resources against a budget and provide updates to senior management.
  • Represent FIAM MMF as needed on cross-company initiatives and act as a point-of-contact on key strategic teams.
  • Prepare reports, presentations and updates as required examples include QBR; business initiatives; product priorities, market share etc.
  • Serve as a resource and product expert for FIAM Senior Management.
  • Act as the point of contact for business continuity/contingency planning for FILMS in NH and RI

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