• Arrange and facilitate Compliance Risk Profile reviews with the Legal adviser and risk business partner to identify and risk rate the regulatory requirements applicable to the Operating Model Entity (OME).
  • Stay abreast of amended and/or new regulatory requirements, and pro-actively assist the legal adviser in communicating the impact of the anticipated regulatory change on the OME.
  • Compile and continuously update, manage and execute an OME Compliance Coverage Plan detailing the activities to be undertaken for a financial year in the OME.
  • Compliance Risk Management Mitigation
  • Compile Compliance Risk Management Plans for the applicable regulatory requirements in the OME.
  • Review, manage and update existing Compliance Risk Management Plans when so required, but at the least once every two years.
  • Provide compliance advice to the OME on the requirements stipulated within the compliance-owned policies, the regulatory control environment (existing and/or new) and the ways in which to minimise the impact of occurred noncompliance.
  • Conducting training and awareness in the OME on applicable regulatory requirements to support the embedding and enhancement of a culture of compliance within the OME.
  • Plan, manage and conduct Compliance Monitoring (i.e.control adequacy reviews, control effectiveness reviews, control self-assessment questionnaires/sign-offs and/or control spot check reviews) on the applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Compile and discuss the Compliance Monitoring Reports with the OME and agree the corrective actions to be taken, the person responsible for implementing the corrective actions and the due date for implementation.
  • Log all compliance findings on the Compliance Issues Log, manage and track the progress made by the OME in closing the finding/s and ensure that the Compliance Issues Log accurately reflects all changes.
  • Ensure that non-compliances are investigated and reported to the management of the OME and Group Compliance Services
  • Compile, agree and submit an OME Compliance Coverage Plan to the OME.
  • Compile and submit a Compliance Risk Profile Report to the OME.
  • Compile and submit a quarterly OME SVP Report, detailing the status of the management of the compliance risks within the OME
  • Compile and submit to Group Compliance Services on a quarterly basis the OME Compliance report detailing amongst other matters, material non-compliances and regulatory interactions.
  • Compile and submit compliance moments on request from the OME Management and Group Compliance
  • Management.
  • Provide input into the group governance committee reports such as the Combined Assurance and Disclosure Committee Meetings (CADC) and the Nominations, Governance, Social and Ethics Committee Meetings
  • (NGSE) and such other meetings as Group Compliance may from time to time be requested to provide input into.
  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with the OME stakeholders.
  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with the Group Compliance Services colleagues.
  • Partake in and support the execution of the Group Compliance Services strategy.
  • Participate in the relevant OME meetings and ensure that participants are adequately informed of applicable Compliance Risks and that agreed deliverables are met and reported on.
  • Participate in the relevant Group Compliance Services meetings, share experiences and best practices with the Group Compliance Services’ colleagues, and ensure that agreed deliverables are met and reported on



  • University Bachelor Degree (Law)
  • Qualified attorney / advocate or membership to similar professional association would be an advantage


  • Minimum of 6 years relevant experience


Leadership Competencies

  • One Sasol mind-set Expert
  • Shapes business strategy
  • Drives accountability and high performance Advanced
  • Business acumen Advanced
  • Fosters teamwork and collaboration Advanced
  • Role models customer focus Expert
  • Leverages diversity and inclusion
  • Nurtures and coaches Aware
  • Builds partnerships Advanced
  • Develops self

Functional Competencies

  • Understanding Regulatory Requirements
  • Compliance Risk Identification and Assessment
  • Compliance Risk Management Plans
  • Compliance Advice
  • Compliance Risk Monitoring
  • Compliance Risk Reporting