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About CSG

Over many years of recruiting, we have received countless requests for a different kind of information –no-nonsense truth about working on Wall Street as well as an easy way to search for jobs. We have discovered that in order to successfully find and keep a job on Wall Street, you need to be “in the know” about what’s happening on the Street—trends, hot and not-so-hot areas, which firms are hiring, which skills are sought after and how to get them, what and where you should get your education, and much more. But you also need to be in the know about how politics, media, public opinion and pop culture constantly shift the environment and reality on Wall Street. You need a global perspective.  Getting ahead is not just about the job hunt—it’s about a holistic way of life.  In order to succeed in today’s ultra fast-paced environment, you need to know what’s happening right now, and what you can do to make yourself stand out. Also, you need an easy way to search 1,000s of relevant jobs worldwide.

…Enter CSG: The Wall StreetExecutive

Although we started as a smaller firm providing people with knowledge about careers in compliance, with time our expertise has grown wider. Now, in addition to compliance, we provide people with jobs in legal, risk, HR, finance, and technology. We provide the kind of facts, advice, uncensored opinions, and tidbits you won’t find anywhere else. We also provide lifestyle news including sports and restaurants—so you know where to take your boss to impress her, how you should entertain your client, and what you’re talking about when your colleague asks your opinion.  If you work on Wall Street, Wall Street Executive is your quick, handy-dandy tool to get all the info you need to know to build a broad and contextual understanding of the way Wall Street works. We’re professional but not snarky, relaxed but not boring, down to earth without losing our intellectual edge—so you’ll enjoy reading. Not to mention, we give you the advice no one else will.